Nunatta Environmental Services Inc.

Formed in the year of the birth of Nunavut, Nunatta Environmental Services Inc., is an Inuit owned environmental services company with its dedicated operational headquarters and focus in Nunavut. Nunatta Environmental Services Inc. was formed on August 6, 1999.

The company was founded to fill the need for environmental services , based in the heart of Nunavut. Nunatta is an Inuit owned company. Through strategic alliances with larger engineering and environmental companies we are able to bring modern and innovative technologies and expertise to Nunavut. Since 1999 Nunatta has grown and learned a great deal about how we need to protect our fragile arctic Eco system. Nunatta aims to restore and safeguard the fragile but rich natural resources of the Arctic so future generations will be able to enjoy its countless beauty.

Nunatta operates a large contaminated soil landfarm in the capital city of Iqaluit. This Landfarm is pioneering new methods and procedures of remediating hydrocarbon contaminated soils so they can be returned to the environment. Clean soils will be used to replace soils from new spill sites and any place clean rock and cobble free soil is needed. Rocks and stones will be sent to the crushers or used in applications where rock and cobble free soil is required.

The first Inuit owned and resident environmental services corporation in Nunavut.

  • to establish strategic alliances with corporations who can share their technical expertise and capacity to meet environmental challenges, on site, in the north.
  • to utilize emerging business opportunities and strategic alliances to continue to create experience and capacity in indigenous northern residents through training and human resource development
  • Nunatta is NTI(Nunavut Tungavik Incorporated) regestered and NNI(./Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti/ certified
  • Nunavut water licience #
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